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  1. Aid for the Aged in Distress (UK)

    Aid for the Aged in Distress welcomes applications from individuals, or their family and neighbours, of state pensionable age (60 years old for women and 65 for men), that are UK citizen and resident, on lower income and have minimal savings.  The aim is to help older persons that are financially stretched beyond their means to the point of genuine distress.  Referrals can also be accepted on behalf of members of the caring professions and voluntary organisations.

  2. Sir Cliff Richard Charitable Trust Grant (UK)

    Grants are made by the Sir Cliff Richard CharitableTrust every quarter, with about 50 different registered charities benefiting each time. Priority is given to charities working in medical research, with children and the elderly, and those involved with the physically and/or mentally disabled. While these form the main focus, other charities do receive help from time to time. The funding amount is discretionary and applications may be submitted at any time.

  3. Bellinger Donnay Trust Grant (UK)

    The Bellinger Donnay charitable objectives are wide, however, they are particularly keen to support charities which are concerned with youth, the elderly, disabled people and the relief of poverty and deprivation. The usual range of their grants is between £100 and £5000. Grants in excess of £5,000 will be awarded in exceptional circumstances.

  4. Quaker Housing Trust Grant (UK)

    Quaker Housing Trust has traditionally supported social housing projects. The Trust provides a range of grant and loans including :
    - Things which turn a house into a home and enhance the quality of life for residents, such as good quality furnishings or decoration, equipment or improvements to communal facilities (Small Grant).
     - Practical elements of maintaining, improving and upgrading property, from  heating & lighting, lifts or fire alarms, to major building works (Small Grant / Capital Costs).
    - Buying, converting and/or renovating a property or buying land on which to develop new housing (Capital Costs).
    - Building something new or expanding an existing housing project (Capital Costs / Partnership Loans).

  5. Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation Grant(UK)

    The Skipton Building Society Charitable Foundation makes grants to registered charities that that benefit children, through education and/or welfare, or the elderly. Grants available will be between £500 and £10,000. Applications can be submitted at any time.

  6. R W Mann Trust Grant (UK but preference with North Tyneside and East Newcastle areas)

    The RW MannTrusts' supports projects that address poverty and ill health as well as projects that support the elderly and advance education and social welfare. Most of the beneficiaries in recent years have been youth groups (both uniformed and non-uniformed), children, people with disabilities, older people, schools, colleges, councils for voluntary service and other advice agencies. The Trust has made grants of between £100 and £10,000 but the average size of grant awarded is £1000. Applications may be submitted at any time.

  7. Leeds Building Society Charitable Foundation Grant (UK)

    The Leeds Building Society Charitable Foundation will consider applications for community based projects which aim to provide relief of suffering, hardship or poverty, or their direct consequences. Some examples of the areas in which they have made donations include: support to homeless people; adults and children with physical and mental disabilities; older people; underprivileged families; deaf, blind and partially sighted people; and community projects benefiting local residents. Donations are normally in the range of £250 to £1000. Applications can be submitted at any time.

  8. Childwick Trust Grant - Health (UK)

    The Childwick Trust provides funding to registered charities to assist people with disabilities, the promotion of health, the elderly in need and for the welfare of people involved in the horse racing world. The Trust also helps a number of Jewish charities and funds pre-school education projects in South Africa. The overall focus is to �make payments for the benefit of charities within the United Kingdom for the promotion of health particularly for the relief of the disabled and the aged in need. The funding amount is discretionary. The trustees meet twice a year, in July and January to consider applications. Applications can be submitted for these meetings between the months of April - May (for the July meeting) and October - November (for the January meeting).

  9. Capital Facilities Funding (England)

    The main objectives of the England Basketball is: to lift the performance and quality of basketball throughout England; to govern and enhance the sport of basketball in England and to encourage and enable people to participate in basketball regardless of their ability, age, gender, status, disability or ethnic background. England Basketball has a limited amount of capital facilities funding allocated within its 2009-2013 plans. The funding amount is discretionary and applications can be submitted at any time.

  10. Scottish Power - Energy People Trust Fund (UK)

    The £4 million ScottishPower Energy People Trust was created in November 2005 to fund not-for-profit organisations that help vulnerable people including families, young people, the disabled and the elderly who need to spend more than 10% of their income on energy bills and suffer from fuel poverty. The Trust has helped various projects so far, one being a project in Greater Manchester which has been granted £30,000 funding from the Trust to help families with disabled children access the benefits they are entitled to. 

  11. YAPP Charitable Trust (England and Wales)

    The Trust makes grants to small registered charities (with a turnover of less than £40,000 pa)  that focuses on one of the Trust’s priority groups.  These are;  elderly people, children and young people aged 5 - 25, people with physical impairments;  learning difficulties or mental health challenges,;  social welfare - people trying to overcome life-limiting problems of a social, rather than medical, origin (such as addiction, relationship difficulties, abuse, offending); and education and learning (with a particular interest in people who are educationally disadvantaged, whether adults or children).  Grants are given for running costs and salaries for up to three years. Grants are normally for a maximum of £10,000 per year.

  12. CREATE (Christian Regeneration Education Action Training Enterprise) (England)

    CREATE provides small grants to projects throughout the country via the administration of two funds: The Christian Fund and The Community Fund. The Community Fund is available to encourage, support and develop projects that seek to benefit their local community who are suffering hardship or distress; or who are aged or sick. The Christian Fund is open to local Churches and Christian projects, priority given to projects that involve more than one church or that are interdenominational. Both funds offer small one-off grants of up to £500. Applications can be submitted at any time, with assessments of grants being made quarterly.

  13. South Square Trust Grant (UK)

    The aims of The South Square Trust Fund were for grants to be made for general charitable purposes including, the elderly, medical research, hospital appeals for equipment, support groups, community groups, horticulture, green issues and many others, as well as charitable projects connected with the fine and applied arts. The Trust also supports a number of schools and colleges offering courses in the fine and applied arts as well as individual students. The Trustees assist individuals in two ways, firstly through direct scholarships to a number of Schools and secondly by awarding grants to individuals who apply directly. Individual awards can be used to help with paying fees or for living expenses but no assistance is given for the purchase of equipment, private lessons or travel outside of the UK. 

  14. Percy Bilton Charity - Organisation Grant (UK)

    The Percy Bilton Charity focuses on organisations assisting disadvantaged youth, people with disabilities and older people. Social workers may apply on behalf of individuals who have a disability or mental health problem, or who are over 65, for grants to purchase basic furniture, equipment and clothing. There are two types of grant: Large grants - one off payments for capital expenditure of £2,000 and over i.e. furniture and equipment; building/refurbishment projects; and Small grants - Donations of up to £500 towards furnishings and equipment for small projects. This programme is more suitable for smaller organisations. Board meetings are held quarterly in March, June, September and December to consider Large grants. Applications for Small grants are dealt with on an ongoing basis throughout the year.

  15. Edgar E Lawley Foundation Grant (UK)

    The objectives of The Edgar E Lawley Foundation are for general charitable purposes with particular reference to medicine, the needs of elderly persons, and to educational purposes with reference to the arts, commerce and industry. Traditionally the Foundation has given particular assistance to charities in the West Midlands area. The current annual grants programme amounts to approximately £200,000 per annum with a typical grant being in the region of £1,200 to £2,000 per successful applicant. The 2012/13 grant programme is now closed. The next round for the awarding of grants is for 2013/14 for which decisions will be made at the Trustees meeting in January 2014.

  16. Bodfach Trust Grant (UK)

    The Bodfach Trust is a family trust based in Montgomeryshire, Mid-Wales. The Trust not only makes grants to charities across the UK but is also often actively involved in their work. The Trust makes grants to charities involved in five areas: affordable housing, care for the elderly, helping young people, preservation of old buildings, and supporting green spaces and public parks. If the Trustees decide that a grant is appropriate, they will then consider the amount and whether to require the recipient charity to contribute part of the cost of the proposed activity. The Trust is particularly keen to act as a catalyst via matched funding. The funding amount is discretionary although in general, grants are less than £500.. Applications must be made by 31 January, 30 April, 30 June or 31 October.

  17. Grocers' Charity Grant (UK)

    The Charity has wide charitable aims. Each year a significant proportion of its annual expenditure is committed in the field of Education, by way of internal scholarships and bursaries at schools and colleges with which the Grocers' Company has historic links. The balance is spread across several areas of interest, namely the relief of poverty (including youth), disability, medicine, the arts, heritage, the Church, and the elderly, with emphasis usually given to the first two categories. The funding amount is discretionary.

  18. Charles and Elsie Sykes Trust Grant (UK particularly Yorkshire)

    The Charles and Elsie Sykes Trust Grant focuses on projects for the relief of need, particularly those related to youth, old age, welfare and medicine. It is available to Third Sector Organisations throughout the UK, but with a preference for those benefiting the people of Yorkshire. Applications from schools, playgroups, cadet forces, scouts, guides, and churches must be for outreach programmes, and not for maintenance projects. The categories to which monies have been distributed in 2008; all to registered charities were: Social and moral welfare, Medical research, People with disabilities, Children and youth, Cultural and environmental heritage, Medical welfare, Mental health, Hospices and hospitals, Blind people and those who are partially-sighted, Older people and their welfare and Deaf people and those who are hard of hearing or speech impaired. The grant amounts range from £3,000 - £93,000. Applications can be submitted at any time.

  19. Triangle Trust 1949 Fund Grant (UK)

    The objectives of the Triangle Trust 1949 Fund are the alleviation of poverty and the promotion of good health and welfare, the advancement and furthering of education, and any other charitable purposes as the Trustees may determine, excepting for the advancement of religion. The Fund focuses on poverty relief, disability, support for the elderly, integration and rehabilitation, community arts and community education. The funding amount is allocated to a certain percentage of the budget dependant on the area of interest.  Grants may be one-off or awarded over a longer period.

  20. Sobell Foundation Grant (UK)

    The Sobell Foundation Grant focuses on children, the sick, elderly, needy and disabled. The Trustees aim to achieve a reasonable spread between Jewish charities (operating principally in the U.K. and Israel) and non-Jewish charities operating in the UK. The foundation concentrate their funding on small national or local charities. Funding is restricted to charities working in the following areas: Medical care and treatment, including respite care and hospices, Care for physically and mentally disabled adults and children, Education and training for adults and children with physical and learning disabilities, Care and support of the elderly, Care and support for children and Homelessness. The funding amount is discretionary and applications can be submitted at any time.

  21. Clothworkers' Foundation Grant Scheme - Main Grants Programme (UK)

    The Clothworkers' Foundation aims to use its funding to improve the quality of life for people and communities that face disadvantage. The Main Grants Programme offers capital grants of over £1,000 and is open to charities with a turnover of under £15 million. The type of projects supported by the charity includes alcohol and substance misuse ;  disability; disadvantaged young people; domestic and sexual violence, support for the elderly; homelessness; disadvantaged minority communities; helping prisoners and ex-offenders; visual impairment and textiles.

  22. Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust Grants Making Programme (UK)

    The Austin and Hope Pilkington Trust awards grants to charitable organisations in the United Kingdom and overseas. Grants are awarded for one year only and are limited to £1000 and £3000. The award category for 2014 is Music and the Arts and the Elderly.

  23. Concertina Grants (UK)

    The registered charity, Concertina makes grants to charitable bodies which provide musical entertainment and related activities for the elderly. The charity is particular keen to support smaller organisations which might otherwise find it difficult to gain funding. Since its inception in 2004, it has made grants to a wide range of charitable organisations nationwide in England and Wales. These include funds to many care homes for the elderly to provide musical entertainment for their residents. 

  24. Help the Hospices Grants Programme (UK)

    Help the Hospices provides grants to independent Hospices. Grants are available both for organisations and individual development.

  25. Rayne Foundation Grants Programme (UK)

    The Rayne Foundation offers grants to registered charities in the areas of the arts, education, health and medicine and social welfare and development. Within each of these sectors the Foundation has an evolving list of areas of special interest. The annual grant making programme is in the region of £1.5 million and the maximum grant available is £150,000. Funding is available both for capital and revenue expenditure. Applications can be made at any time.

  26. Poppy Fund

    The Royal British Legion can provide grants and loans to support serving and ex-Service people and their dependents who are suffering financially.

  27. Trusthouse Charitable Foundation Grants Programme (UK)

    Trusthouse is a medium-sized independent grantmaking foundation which makes grants totaling around £2million a year to a variety of charitable projects. It gives grants for running costs or one-off capital costs to charities and not-for-profit organisations in accordance with criteria that are regularly reviewed and decided by the Trustees. In July 2008, the Trustees reviewed its grants policy and decided to concentrate on projects addressing Rural Issues and Urban Deprivation.
    The Grants Committee meets quarterly to consider applications at the beginning of February, April, July and October. The deadlines for submitting applications is generally 6 weeks before the date of a meeting.

  28. Charles Hayward Foundation Grant Programme (UK)

    The Charles Hayward Foundation is a grant-making charitable Trust that makes grants to charities and charitable organisations which are registered in the U.K. The Charles Hayward Foundation's current funding priorities include Heritage and Conservation; Criminal Justice; Older People and Overseas. In addition the Foundation runs a small grants programme which provides grants of up to £5,000 to organisations with a turnover of less than £250,000.

  29. Rank Foundation Grant Programmes(UK)

    The Rank Foundation accepts funding applications from UK registered charities or recognised churches. It concentrates exclusively on: Encouraging and developing leadership amongst young people, Supporting disadvantaged young people and those frail or lonely through old age or disability and the promotion of Christian principles through film and other media.

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