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  1. Green Hall Foundation - Grants Programme (UK)

    The principal objectives of the Foundation are to provide financial assistance to such charitable institutions as the Trustees in their absolute discretion consider worthy of support. Each financial year the Trustees nominate a specific charitable sector for support as detailed in the table. Only registered charities whose work falls within the specified sector may apply. In the past these have included the Homeless, the Elderly and Church and Community Projects. For further information on the Foundations and on specific future charitable sectors to be supporeted please click on the link below.

  2. The David and Elaine Potter Foundation (UK & International)

    The David and Elaine Potter Foundation is a charitable family foundation established in 1999 to encourage a stronger, fairer civil society. It has granted more than £10 million to registered charities in the UK and abroad. The Foundation's funding is divided into five categories: Education, Civil society, Research, Human rights and Arts. The trustees are interested in lasting social change, and in forming long-term partnerships with the organisations the Foundation supports. Grants in the past have ranged from several hundred pounds to grants of up to £2 million. The grant application process is divided into two stages. A letter of enquiry and an application. An applicant is invited to submit a full proposal only if their letter of enquiry has been accepted.

  3. Google Grants

    Registered charities within the UK can apply for support through Google Grants.  Although no actual money is available, organisations that successfully apply to the Google grants programme are provided with in kind support that translates into free advertising through Google Adwords.  Google Adwords is Google’s online self-managed advertising programme where an organisation can manage its advertising campaign by creating and monitoring text ads that run on Google. Organisations create ads and choose keywords, which are words or phrases that are related to the organisation. When people search on Google using one of the keywords, the ad may appear next to the search results and people can click your ad to see your website.  The value of the advertising that your organisation receives is solely dependent upon the performance of its ads in the programme. Results will vary; the typical grantee in our programme receives just over £200 worth of advertising on per month. Applications to the Google Grants Programme can be made at any time.

  4. Paristamen Foundation Grant (UK)

    The objects of the Paristamen Foundation are; the advancement of the Christian faith; the advancement of education, the relief of poverty and any other charitable purpose not inconsistent with the above. Grants range from £100 - £300, although occasionally grants up to around £500 are made. Grants are only made to organisations, not to individuals, and they do not support individual student placements/projects/courses/overseas visits of any kind. Organisations must be UK charities (charities excepted from registration - e.g. most churches are considered). In the case of locally-based charities or local churches, support is strictly limited to organisations based in Yorkshire (North, South, East, and West). Applications from national organisations are welcome, but only if the work is genuinely serving most of the country (at least England-wide). Applications can be submitted at any time.

  5. Morris Charitable Trust Community Grant (England)

    The Trust funds general charitable causes, with particular emphasis being placed on alleviating social hardship and deprivation, with preference for Islington based charities and community uplifting organisations. Applications from individuals and requests for subsidising the running costs of organisations (i.e.. staffing, salaries, or equipment hire) will not usually be considered. Small local projects and some national organisations, benefit from The Morris Charitable Trust. Charities must be registered with the Charities Commission in order to be considered for applications. Grants can range from £150 up to - £35,000. The trustees meet monthly, and applications can be submitted at any time.

  6. Military Order of the Collar Foundation Grant

    The Military Order of the Collar Foundation Grant is for the relief of poverty and sickness, the advancement of education and religion and the preservation and protection of good health. Projects are considered from all walks of life and entirely on their merits. They do not discriminate in terms of gender, nationality or religion. The funding amount is discretionary and applications can be submitted at any time.

  7. Law Society Charity Grant (UK)

    The Law Society Charity makes grants to a wide range of organisations and individuals with a view to directly furthering law and justice. The Charity supports organisations whose work is related to the law and the legal profession, and whose activities would be likely to benefit from funds made available on behalf of solicitors. The Grant intends to support charitable organisations involved with law, justice and human rights. The main aims and objectives of the Charity are to support the education of the public in legal matters, the maintenance of high standards of legal education, Supporting members of the profession in need, Supporting Local Law Societies and groups, Joint ventures with charities, particularly the charitable arms of firms of solicitors and International work to promote human rights. The funding amount is discretionary.

  8. Heroes Return (UK)

    WW2 veterans from the UK, Channel Islands and Republic of Ireland can apply for travel and accommodation costs to visit the places where they saw active service. They can also receive funding to take part in an official commemoration in the UK. War widows and widowers of veterans are also eligible for funding, and carers and spouses can receive funding to travel with veterans. the amount of funding available is between £165 - £8,140 depending on the number of people taking part and the destination.

  9. Marsh Christian Trust Grant (UK)

    The Trust provides grants to registered charities working in the fields of social welfare, literature arts and heritage, environmental and animal welfare, healthcare and medical research, education and training and a small number overseas. Grants range from £250 to £4,000. Eligible organisations must be experienced, UK-based registered charities, however, third sector organisations with a Christian emphasis will be prioritised. Applications are considered on the basis of the organisation's financial position, performance against charitable aims and objectives and the ration of voluntary income against fundraising expenses. The Trust wishes to engage in long term support, with money given on an annual basis and grants are made towards core funding and not for special projects or sponsorship proposals. Applications may be submitted at any time.

  10. Centre for Social Justice Awards (UK)

    The annual CSJ Awards programme recognises effective poverty fighting groups from across the UK. Cash prizes of £10,000 are awarded to charities, small voluntary groups and other local projects that display innovation and effectiveness in addressing the root causes of poverty, turning lives around and reversing social breakdown.

  11. Royal British Legion External Grants (UK)

    The Royal British Legion External Grants support charities and community groups that aim to safeguard the welfare, interests and memory of people who have served in the Armed Forces. Grants are also available to any ex-service charity that shares the same aim, and to non-ex-service organisations provided that the grant will directly benefit ex-service personnel. Grants are awarded at 3 levels: Level 1 - up to £25,000, Level 2 - £25.000 - £500,000 and level 3 over £500,000. Level 1 applications will be decided within two months of submission. Level 2 applications will be decided within four months of submission. Level 3 applications will be decided within four to six months of submission. Applications can be submitted at any time.
    The fund is currently under review and is not accepting applications.

  12. MSE Charity Grants (UK)

    The charity aims to fight financial and consumer illiteracy and is dedicated to educating and informing adults and children about consumer and debt issues. It provides grants of up to £500 to help individuals to eradicate this illiteracy through self-development or innovative projects. Eligible groups can apply for grants of up to £5,000. Using funding provided by annual donations from the website and proceeds from sales of books written by the website's founder Martin Lewis, MSE Charity aims to help communities break the cycle of debt by helping people to become more financially aware.

  13. Broadcast Development Awards (UK)

    The Wellcome Trust, which is an independent charity funding research to improve animal and human health makes grants of up to £10,000 through its Broadcast Development Awards scheme. Under this scheme, awards are available to support early stage TV, radio or new media projects that actively engages audiences with issues around biomedical science in an innovative, entertaining and accessible way. The funding will enable ideas to be developed into high-impact, well-researched proposals that you can use to secure a broadcast platform and/or further funding. Development funds might be used to undertake thorough research, create a taster tape, develop a script, or build a game prototype or mood reel. Partnership between broadcasters and other professionals such as scientists, ethicists, educators etc are especially welcomed.

  14. Church and Community Fund (England)

    The Church and Community Fund (CCF) assists the Church of England to develop its capacity to engage with the whole community through supporting innovative use of resources,  help transform areas of greatest need and opportunity and grow spiritually and numerically.  The CCF will support projects that significantly expand the Church’s engagement with neighbourhood renewal; seek innovative ways of developing established community projects so that they either a) grow existing or b) evolve into new communities of Christian Faith, and replicate models of successful community engagement across the wider church.

  15. Robert Clutterbuck Charitable Trust (England)

    The Trust makes grants in excess of £500 to charities to fund specific items or support projects that primarily within Cheshire and Hertfordshire that benefit the Armed Forces and Ex-Servicemen and women; sport and Recreational Facilities for young people, the welfare, protection and preservation of Domestic Animal Life; natural history and wildlife; and other charities associated with the counties of Cheshire and Hertfordshire. The Trustees generally meet twice in each year to approve grants.

  16. Worshipful Company of Butchers (London)

    The Worshipful Company of Butchers is a grant-making trust providing funds to other charities, especially those with a London influence. It has four charities: General Charities, Butchers' & Drovers' Charitable Institution, Fishmongers' and Poulters' Institute, and Education Charity.

  17. Child protection, family law and justice (UK)

    This programme supports work to help ensure that the legal and institutional framework is best adapted to meet the needs of children and families.

  18. Roald Dahls Marvellous Childrens Charity (UK)

    Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity provides grants in two areas which were of great interest to Roald Dahl.  These are neurology and haematology. Within these areas the charity is targeting its support at rare, life-limiting, longterm debilitating and underfunded conditions.

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